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Creation's Salute to Supernatural
Harry Drawn
  Hi there, I'm looking to buy a Jared photo op for Chicon 2016 this year. I missed my chance due to my forgetfullness. :( If you have one to sell, please message me kikai_saigono@yahoo.com, thanks! I'm also potentially looking for a J3 photo op so if you have one of those you want to sell, please message me!
16th-Jul-2016 06:59 pm - Selling BurCon 2016 Tickets
Unfortunately, I have to sell some of my tickets I already bought for Burbank Con (Nov 11-13, 2016). Selling for full asking price, some of these are already sold out on Creation's website. Email if you're interested in buying any of them (kimberlyreneebryant@gmail.com).

- Jensen Ackles Photo Op - $149
- Jared Padalecki Photo Op - $149
- Jared Padalecki Autograph - $139
- Misha Collins Autograph - $65

I have a gold ticket for the Vancouver con that I'm selling at the silver ticket price. A gold ticket sells for $819 and I'm asking $529 for the one I have. It's seat H37 and includes all the extras (autographs, gold panel and Saturday night concert.) Contact me at aheflin@hotmail.com if interested. Thanks!

I attend the Houston and Dallas cons every year, but I just got a new job and can't attend Dallas this year.

Looking to sell my tickets and photo ops below face value. Hoping to sell all as a package, but will consider selling individual tickets or photo ops.

Here's what I have:

GA Weekend Pass (x 2) $490 total
Mark Sheppard Photo Op $50
Osric Chau Photo Op (x 2) $100 total
Rob Benedict Photo Op $45
Richard Speight Photo Op $45
Richard and Matt Photo Op - Kings of Karaoke $69
Richard Speight & Rob Benedict Photo Op $69
Jensen Ackles Photo Op $139
Jared Padalecki Photo Op $139
Briana Buckmaster & Kim Rhodes Photo Op $75
Trio Photo Op - Speight/Benedict/Cohen $99

$1320 total face value. Will sell all together for $1000 OBO.
e-mail me at ayla.manning@gmail.com
[Rosie] and i am never real
My wife is looking to sell the Jared auto off her gold ticket to the Pittsburgh convention. Jared autos are sold out from Creation, so you will only be able to get one from someone at the con who bought a Jared auto, or who has one included on their ticket, like gold pass-holders.

Pretty sure she's open to selling the autos of anyone who isn't Jensen off her gold ticket, so if you are interested in Jared and any of the others included in the gold pass, please comment below and I will get the two of you in touch.
Hi! I am desperately looking to buy a Jensen solo photo op, 1 or 2 Jared solo photo ops, and possibly a J3 photo op, for the Supernatural convention in Chicago in September 2016. WILLING TO PAY CREATION FEE AND POSSIBLY ABOVE COST. I can pay through Paypal, or cash at the con. Please message me here, e-mail me at viciousv73@yahoo.com, or DM me on Facebook /gvirgilio1
14th-Jun-2016 12:18 am - JARED SOLO OP (PITTSBURGH) WANTED!
Spn (3x03) » “I Lost My Shoe”
I am looking for a Jared solo op for the Pittsburgh con next month! I can pay ASAP via Paypal. Please message me.
[Rosie] and i am never real
My wife is on the lookout for a solo Jensen photo op at Pittsburgh if anyone is looking to sell. Thanks!
5th-May-2016 06:36 pm - Hawaii Convention
Hello out there! Is anyone going to the 2017 Hawaii Convention? I'm thinking of buying a ticket, and i'll be attending by myself... and i was wondering if there's anyone i can connect with! Please let me know, whenever you get the chance!!! :)
23rd-Mar-2016 11:58 pm - SAT ADMISSION FOR DC
A friend and I are looking for the most economical way to get to the con on Saturday, whether it be GA or preferred or what. Please contact me if you're looking to sell!
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