kiki (kikai_saigono) wrote in spn_creationcon,

[SELLING] Chicago 2017 - GOLD ticket, Jensen, Jared and Misha solo photo ops!

Hello! I'm no longer able to attend ChiCon 2017 and need to sell all my tickets!

Both the Jared and Jensen solo ops are sold out on the site.

I'm selling everything for the same price I bought them at!


-One GOLD ticket, seat C34 (I was here last year and it's a pretty great seat) - $915
-One JARED solo photo op - $159
-One JENSEN solo photo op - $159
-One MISHA solo photo op - $90

Please let me know here or by email at kikai_saigono@yahoo(dot)com if interested. Also, does anyone know some good facebook groups I should post these in to get word out? Thanks!
Tags: chicago con, con tickets, photo ops, selling tickets

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