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Creation's Salute to Supernatural
SELLING - SPN ChicagoCon - Preferred Sunday ticket 
7th-Sep-2016 07:14 pm

I know this is short notice, but is anyone interested in purchasing a Jeffrey Dean Morgan photo op and/or a Preferred Sunday ticket? Sunday ticket is seat X28. This is the day that Jeff, Jensen and Jared will all be there.

Asking a bit less than what I paid since I need to sell:
Photo op - $110
Preferred Sunday - $160

Paypal for payment, please.  Feel free to contact me at: agtspooky@aol.com

Thank you!
8th-Sep-2016 01:11 pm (UTC)
Did JDM cancel or did you just change your mind? I don't blame you, Creation sucks and really shouldn't rip us off anymore!!
9th-Sep-2016 12:25 am (UTC)
As of yesterday, JDM was still attending. But we all know how that can change in a heartbeat! No, unfortunately, due to an unexpected financial expense I needed the money more than a photo with Jeff. [sigh] But you're absolutely right. Creation's prices are absolutely ridiculous.
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