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Creation's Salute to Supernatural
Selling 2016 Dallas Con Tickets + Photo Ops 
29th-Jun-2016 08:11 pm
I attend the Houston and Dallas cons every year, but I just got a new job and can't attend Dallas this year.

Looking to sell my tickets and photo ops below face value. Hoping to sell all as a package, but will consider selling individual tickets or photo ops.

Here's what I have:

GA Weekend Pass (x 2) $490 total
Mark Sheppard Photo Op $50
Osric Chau Photo Op (x 2) $100 total
Rob Benedict Photo Op $45
Richard Speight Photo Op $45
Richard and Matt Photo Op - Kings of Karaoke $69
Richard Speight & Rob Benedict Photo Op $69
Jensen Ackles Photo Op $139
Jared Padalecki Photo Op $139
Briana Buckmaster & Kim Rhodes Photo Op $75
Trio Photo Op - Speight/Benedict/Cohen $99

$1320 total face value. Will sell all together for $1000 OBO.
e-mail me at ayla.manning@gmail.com
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