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Creation's Salute to Supernatural
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Jared » CbtD
I am desperately looking for a Jared Padalecki solo op and a J2 duo op for the upcoming DC con in November! I can pay ASAP. If you can help me out, please send a reply or email me: msoof_kl@yahoo.com Thank you!
Hello! I'm no longer able to attend ChiCon 2017 and need to sell all my tickets!

Both the Jared and Jensen solo ops are sold out on the site.

I'm selling everything for the same price I bought them at!


-One GOLD ticket, seat C34 (I was here last year and it's a pretty great seat) - $915
-One JARED solo photo op - $159
-One JENSEN solo photo op - $159
-One MISHA solo photo op - $90

Please let me know here or by email at kikai_saigono@yahoo(dot)com if interested. Also, does anyone know some good facebook groups I should post these in to get word out? Thanks!
28th-Jan-2017 01:00 pm - Misha Ops for Nashville
If anyone is selling any Misha photo ops for Nashcon in February, please contact me at hellsbellsian@yahoo.com!
Very last of my tickets that I need to sell!

- Misha Collins Photo Op - $99
- Misha Collins Autograph - $65

Up for negotiations/trade talks. Tickets MUST GO! Con is this weekend! Please share the link with your friends going to BurCon as well!
Thank you, and email me if you're interested @ kimberlyreneebryant@gmail.com
2nd-Nov-2016 09:06 pm - Jared photo op whippany NJ
If anyone has a Jared photo op please contact me
8th-Oct-2016 11:58 pm - Hawaii Con 2017!!
Hello all!

I'm still looking to sell my Hawaii Convention 2017 tickets (November 17-19) as soon as possible. Here's what i'm offering:

-Gold Weekend Package Tickets; Row G, Seat 60 for $950
-Misha Collins + Mark Shepard Photo Op for $100
-Saturday Night Luau for $150

All 3 for a total of $1200.00! These prices are less than the Creation prices!

Please email me at vr82273@hotmail.com to let me know if your interested. Thanks!!

Selling my Jared and Jensen off of my gold pass so you will be able to get in and get an autograph despite the changes. I'm asking for $129 each, creation price without the shipping and handling. Comment or email lizlan418@gmail.com if interested.

I know this is short notice, but is anyone interested in purchasing a Jeffrey Dean Morgan photo op and/or a Preferred Sunday ticket? Sunday ticket is seat X28. This is the day that Jeff, Jensen and Jared will all be there.

Asking a bit less than what I paid since I need to sell:
Photo op - $110
Preferred Sunday - $160

Paypal for payment, please.  Feel free to contact me at: agtspooky@aol.com

Thank you!
A friend of mine is no longer able to go to Chicon 2016 and is selling her gold ticket. The ticket INCLUDES her Jeffrey Dean Morgan autograph. Seat D34. She's asking $800 but could haggle. Please email her at xmichi15x@gmail.com if interested! SOLD!
Harry Drawn
  Hi there, I'm looking to buy a Jared photo op for Chicon 2016 this year. I missed my chance due to my forgetfullness. :( If you have one to sell, please message me kikai_saigono@yahoo.com, thanks! I'm also potentially looking for a J3 photo op so if you have one of those you want to sell, please message me!
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